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Adding a style sheet to your embedded virtual agent
by admin posted Sep 22 2015, 9:46
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How to add a 3D avatar to your website
by admin posted Jan 19 2015, 8:33
Bot Libre includes support for creating, using, and embedding web avatars. A web avatar is your website's visual or animated web presence.

Bot Libre avatars can contain 3D animation, video, audio, and images. You can create your own avatar or choose a shared avatar from the Bot Libre open avatar directory. Avatars can either be connected to your Bot Libre bot, or controlled directly through JavaScript, or even connected to your home grown bot, or third party bot.

The Bot Libre JavaScript SDK makes it easy to add an avatar to your own website or blog, to welcome your website visitors, or provide them with information or help. A website avatar gives visitors to your website a good first impression, can highlight important differentiators of your business, or draw attention to special offers.

Tags: 3d, avatars, javascript, sdk, how to
Updated: Jun 15 2016, 14:30
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How to add a 3D avatar to your website
by admin posted Jan 19 2015, 8:33
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Embedding your bot on your own website with the Bot Libre JavaScript SDK
by admin posted Sep 12 2014, 8:47
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